Good Taste And Craftsmanship Never Go Out Of Style.

Good Taste And Craftsmanship Never Go Out Of Style.

Let our interior design team help with all of your interior design needs: furniture placement, fabric choices, draperies & more.

Interior Design At Your Fingertips 

Most of us want to create a home that is a reflection of our likes, our passions, and our personality. 

Classic Galleries is home to award-winning Interior Designers that are here to help you with hands-on expertise along the way. Let our designers help you reach those goals with our expert in-home design service.   

Our design team will help you turn an ordinary space into a stunning living area that will be the envy of friends and family.  From floor plans and furniture styles to fabric choices and finishing touches such as area rugs and accessories, we work with you every step of the way. 

We have an incredible team of dedicated designers who can help you customize the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. Classic Galleries’ in-home designers work with you to create a fashionable, functional living space that showcases your personal style and taste. From floor treatments to furniture to lighting and accessories, our designers will work with you to create an updated interior that’s uniquely yours.

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